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Electrical Safety

If Your Fuse Board looks anything like this then its time for an upgrade!


Many homeowners are unaware as to what state the electrical installation in their homes is in.

  • Is it safe?
  • Does it meet current standards?
  • Have unqualified tradesmen worked on it in the past?

We can inspect and test your electrical installations and reccommend any works that may be needed to bring your installation up to standards and give you piece of mind that your home is safe.

Landlords is your certification up to scratch in order to rent out your property?

Would you like a saftey check on your home electrics

17th Edition Fuse board with safety trips


Does your home have battery operated smoke alarms?

If so how often do you test them and how reliable are they?

Mains powered smoke alarms are the best option to provide your home with that added security should the worst happen. Mains powered smoke alarms are interlinked so a fire upstairs will trigger your smoke alarm downstairs and all other interlinked alarms on the circuit letting you know before its to late should you be unaware of a fire on a differnet floor or room. Installation dosent even have to be messy or any major hassle with radio frequency linked alarms.

  • * Cetification supplied once installation has reached the required standards for satisfactory results.
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